About Us

Lazer Gifts was started after we lost our beloved girl Sophie after 6 years. We tried to find a decent memorial for her to no avail. The memorials we did find were so overpriced we couldn't afford one and the quality was terrible. So we came home and decided to do some research because we still didn't have a memorial for Sophie and we couldn't sleep knowing that Sophie still didn't have a Memorial Marker.

Our Reaserch Findings
What we found was that most of the people that do memorials are partners with funeral homes and that the prices were marked up about 400% which we thought was totally ridiculous. So we saved our money and got a loan to purchase a laser and so we could make Sophie a Memorial Marker.

Starting The Business
While we were saving our money and trying to get a loan we found many people like us that needed an Affordable High Quality Memorial for a lost loved one. So we decided we would do some more research and see if we could turn this into a business to help people like us. For the past 10 years we've been doing Memorials locally, in 2009 we decided to bring our research findings and affordable products to everybody by using the internet.

Growing Pains
I'd love to tell you that over the past 13 years everything went smoothly, but that is not the case as with any startup business you have some set backs. Ours was mainly trying to find the right softwares, the learning curves associated with them and getting to the consistent quality level that we are at today. We have been able to maintain our quality levels for the past six years now and have produced some very beautiful designs. You might be asking yourself what's so hard about it, the true craftmanship and skill comes from being able to take a picture that somebody sends you that is very poor quality and part of it is missing. Through design techniques and filters we've created over the years we can bring the photo's back to life and create Memorials for our customers at very affordable prices.

Our Mission Statement
•Lazer Gifts will use knowledge gained to create Quality Memorials that are second to none
•Lazer Gifts will not be undersold we will provide Memorials at the lowest possible prices.
•Lazer Gifts will make Friendly Customer Service a Top Priority
•Lazer Gifts will not inflate shipping prices